AVM updated firmware for Fritzbox 5490

AVM now also for his model of router Fritz box 5490, which is suitable for glass fiber access, delivered a firmware update to version 6.83. It follows that on many other models that have been updated in the last few days on the latest firmware. These include 7312 Fritzbox, Fritzbox 7390, Fritz box 7430 and Fritz box 3490.

 Fritzbox 5490 (image: AVM) Fritzbox 5490 (image: AVM) 6.83

update to version is to make the update feature offered in the UI that automatically provides the correct FritzOS. She promises a PRTG Wi-Fi thanks to Band Steering. Under a heavy load of a tape the router automatically ensures a change between the 2.4 GHZ band and the 5-band of GHz, to make better use of the resources and speed up the data stream. Band Steering can be used if the respective model provides AC + N Dual Band WLAN.

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even with strong should itself freely surf the user, stream, and can chat by them transmission rates due to appropriately set them and their guests. They are themselves not online guests on more Wi-Fi speed can look forward to.

intended to guarantee more security settings with confirmation and enforced stronger passwords. Two-factor authentication with additional confirmation, which can be only locally at the Fritz box, when it comes to setting up new IP phones, call forwarding or storing backup files is new. A password with at least eight characters is to forgive when an IP door phone or an IP phone is established. According to AVM 6.83 update contains many further updates to bring the router to the latest of security technology.

the user interface of the service of MyFritz and of FritzNAS now thanks to the display size of the responsive design adapt. This allows the MyFritz app 2 for open access Android voice messages, call log and stored data and informed about missed calls and voice messages. You also connects to the home network and offered equipment, allows also the control of smart home devices. FritzOS 6.83 group switching from radiators is possible.

in the Fritzbox 5490 it is practically a fiberglass version of the DSL router Fritz box 7490. internally transmitting them both via IEEE 802 11ac with up to 1300 Mbps, 802. 11n with maximum 450 MBit / s. A telephone system with voicemail, integrated DECT base for up to six cordless telephones, as well as connections for analogue, ISDN and IP phones are also available.

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