AVM Fritz box 7590 and Fritz box cable 6590

poses to start the CeBIT 2017 has AVM Fritz box 7590 models with Fritzbox cable 6590 his next top models presented. The Fritz box 7590 designed for the DSL connection is to be a suggested retail selling price of 269 euros in trading in May. The Fritz box intended for cable connection to follow in June, to the EIA of 269 euros, also cable 6590.

the Fritz box 7590 the Berlin publisher opts for a completely new casing design. The unit runs forward and flat, is mostly in white and has red remote ventilation slots at the back of the thicker. AVM’s Managing Director Johannes Nill described it at CeBIT to journalists as “the most beautiful Fritz-box at all” – but also pointed out that of course “Especially the inside that counts”.

 AVM has presented at CeBIT with the Fritz box 7590 and the Fritz box cable 6590 his two future top models (image: AVM) AVM at CeBIT with the Fritz box 7590 (left) and Fritz box cable 6590 (right) his two future top models presented (image: AVM)

in this respect nill moved the support for VDSL Supervectoring 35B to the fore. Thus be possible then to a distance of up to 300 metres from the switching nodes up to 300 MBit/s. Nill put the Fritz box 7590 heart even customers, whose Internet provider does not yet support VDSL Supervectoring 35, as they were given as security for the future – and of course the Supervectoring (Annex Q), VDSL and ADSL Wi-Fi router is backwards compatible.

internal eight antennas and the support to provide for 4 × 4 multi user MIMO better connections. Via WLAN according to 802 11ac is transferable up to 1744 Mbps in the 5 GHz band and up to 800 MBit / s via 802. 11n in the 2.4 GHz band. They were also updated on the router to connect printer and allocated NAS two USB ports. USB 3.0 are possible with them now according to AVM up to 850 MBit/s. This is useful for the integration of NAS boxes four times more than before and especially.

 with the Fritz box 7590 AVM dares even to a completely new casing design (image: AVM) with the Fritz box 7590 AVM dares even to a completely new casing design (image: AVM)

four Gigabit LAN ports, the well-known by AVM, integrated telephone system for IP belong to the facilities of the Fritz box 7590 , ISDN and analog, so bus and TAE socket for the connection of existing phones, as well as the DECT base, not just phones, but also smart home applications use get with the. A dual-core processor is installed in the new presentation. The power consumption is despite the improvements according to AVM again like previous models around 8 watts. You are a special feature depending on the ambient light, dimmable LEDs for status display.

Fritzbox 6590 cable

“with some start-up”, thus AVM-chef Nill, one could imagine now the Fritz box cable 6590. She come for 269 euros in trading in June. That it comes not only through the cable operators, is the abolition of the router forced by the Federal Government to the 1 August 2016. The new freedom of choice is also intensively used AVM according to consumers: In the autumn you have landed a five-digit number of cable routers over free trade per month. More accurate numbers AVM did not call here, but pointed to surveys that up to 50 percent of users want to select in the future even a cable router and use not the one provided by the provider.

 the Fritz box 7590 has AVM all interfaces in the thicker rear mounted (image: AVM) the Fritz box 7590 has AVM all interfaces in the thicker rear mounted (image: AVM)

this target group a high-end alternative to be offered with the Fritz box cable 6590 soon then. According to AVM “unique” in this product category the integrated DECT base is so far. In addition, the Fritz box has an integrated phone system cable 6590 as well as the Fritz box 7590 and resembles the DSL model also in the Wi-Fi performance.

connected to the cable she reached much higher bandwidths of up to 1.7 GB / s with 32 × 8-channel bonding (previously 24 × 8 were common) in the upload and 240 MBit / s for the upload. Externally, the new cable modem router of AVM is similar to the Fritz box 7580, 7581 and 7582 models. However the white blocks in an also white mount, a central bar, the LEDs with the status indicators and keys for the connection via WPS and DECT are embedded in the is red led.

delivery bottleneck at Fritz box 7580 fixed

also at the CeBIT press conference, AVM communicated that the delivery problems with the Fritz box 7580 are fixed now. Reason for this was that underestimate demand been. The production was simply designed for it. Various speculations about other reasons were unfounded.

you got now but the supply problem in the handle. Production capacities were “more than doubled” been nill announced. Thus, one could now adequately meet the demand. Demand for AVM products as a whole is reflected in the figures: so a turnover generated 2016 of around 440 million euros (2015: around 400 million) and approximately 6.5 million “Fritz” products could be used.

in the long term do not develop AVM apparently wants the desktop version of VPN -clients. Technology-Chef Peter Faxel explained to journalists, there of them including the no Windows-10 version more. You don’t want to give up but the VPN feature: wander in the Fritz app and is then usable by the Smartphone.

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