Avast PC trends report: dangers by outdated software

52 percent of most popular PC applications, including also Flash and Java, users cannot update. Studies of avast, manufacturer of digital security products, have shown that. The “avast PC trends report Q1 2017” is based on findings of the product AVG TuneUp. The report cites the applications that are updated by users at least, as well as the most commonly used programs and hardware. Missing updates make the systems of course similarly vulnerable.

 the ten most commonly installed programs according to avast PC trends report Q1 2017 (screenshot: ZDNet) the ten most commonly installed programs according to avast PC trends report Q1 2017 (screenshot: ZDNet)

the report is based on the anonymous software, RAM and HDD data from world’s 116 million desktop and laptop users , use the Windows. Hard disks, which use the modern SATA standard, were examined. Older interfaces, USB drives and obsolete drives with inadequate hard disk capacity (too low or too high), were from the analysis excluded. As a result, that – by 116 million users as a whole–the analysis in the January 2017 at 91 total millions was carried out.

the list of neglected programs is Java, the framework for Web and some desktop applications. More than 24 million people using the old versions of Java Runtime 6 and 7. Although another 26 million users use the latest version of Java 8, 70 percent of them have carried not the update of 121.

closely follow Java updates for Flash (ActiveX) for Internet Explorer were not installed by 99 percent of users. Also, 92 percent of users of Foxit Reader using an old version of the application. On the courts, the GOM media player by Gretech, Nitro Pro Nitro software and WinZip by Corel are four, five and six. The courts seven to ten show DivX Adobe Shockwave Player, 7-zip by Igor Pavlov and Firefox by Mozilla . Vice versa are the latest applications of the audited users Google chrome with 88 percent, with 84 percent and Skype Opera with 76 percent. This shows that even programs with an automatic update is not always up-to-date.

 five of the above ten programs of that are trends report Q1 2017 according to neglected by users the avast PC and not supplied with updates (screenshot: ZDNet.de) five of these ten programs that neglected trends report Q1 2017 according to the avast PC by users and not be supplied with updates (screenshot : ZDNet.de)

“the habits of users in relation to regular software updates are in the online world important. That has great influence on the security in the Internet,”says Ondrej Vlcek, Chief Technology Officer, GM and EVP consumer business with avast. “Outdated programs users get themselves susceptible to attacks by cunning hackers who take advantage of easily searchable or already known vulnerabilities. Reason may be to use outdated software that updates are not correctly installed. It is also possible that it is up to the users themselves, because they postpone updates or forget them even if they are prompted to do so. We recommend users to become accustomed to it, regularly check the status of your computer. Also they should like AVG TuneUp, use an automatic software update tool, and make sure that is your anti-virus software always up to date.”

is according to the report, Windows XP is still 6 percent of surveyed computers installed. About 6.5 million of the audited users of avast running still XP, although Microsoft has discontinued support for 3 years ago. Windows 7 with 47 percent the most widespread operating system, followed by Windows 10 which is used by 30 percent of users. At ZDNet.de the percentage of XP users was in 2016 at 1.77 per cent, which the Windows 10-user already 46,90 percent. In the first, the proportion of the readers is almost three months of the current year, the XP take advantage of the Windows 10-user already at 54,51 per cent, only at 1.47 per cent.

memory 4 GB of memory followed by 2 GB can be found according to the study, most commonly,. Smaller RAM sizes such as 2 GB or less can affect the computer’s performance when users do more than write only emails or use the browser with just a few open tabs. However, already about 15 million users of avast have 8 GB memory. This illustrates the trend towards a larger memory. According to the report,

the most common processor configuration are dual-core processors Intel or AMD (77 percent). Quad-core CPUs, processors with 4 physical cores, used only in 15 percent of audited computers.

were equipped with the newer solid state drives (SSD) avast according to only 10 million drives tested by the 91 million. The average HDD had 500 GB, while the more common size of SSD had only 256 GB. This could be because larger SSDs still at a much higher price to be sold.

avast advises the users protect themselves by they install version 2017 by AVG TuneUp which includes now also the automatic software updater, for example, the new . This function updates such as Skype, Adobe Reader, Flash and chrome automatically and silently in the background. The user choice between the automatic update option in the background or the manual review. AVG TuneUp will cost for an unlimited number of Windows – and Mac – Android devices 34.99 a year or 69.99 euros for two years. The manufacturer offers a 30-day trial. DISPLAY

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