Available from October or November of 2017?

Apple could delay the availability of iPhone 8

according to a publication by the people of DigiTimes Apple high-end next phone iPhone 8, could be released later than expected .

In this case, taking into account that sales of the iPhone 7 began September 16, 2017, the next smartphone from the California firm will not be available until October or November this year, 2017.

Production problems delayed the launch of the iPhone 8

the report refers to “technical issues” that have been able to push Apple to postpone the launch of the new iPhone 8 at least a month, so it would be mid-October or early November.

In particular, the problem could be related to screens OLED and 3D sensors that will be integrated in the front camera. According to what is said in the article:

low risk of having very few units available during the launch of the iPhone 8 Apple prefers postpones the marketing of the device to ensure that it is available to a greater number of customers.

If we consider the past years, since the iPhone 5 in forward Apple always has launched its new smartphones during the month of September . The iPhone 4s, however, came during early October, while the previous devices were launched during the month of June.

IPhone 8 should be submitted in September 2017

this rumor is quite interesting and to take into account, either because in recent weeks also been issues of production of 3D sensors for the front camera, or during the first days of April already looked news and photos of the new iPhone coming directly from Foxconn which this year is not being well.

Of course, this is not more than a rumor, however, and despite its delay in be available, the presentation of the iPhone 8 is expected to be during the first days of September this year, 2017.

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