AutoSaver: ‘AutoSave’ for those programs that do not have it

I think that no user recalls with precision the number of times that lost information at the hands of an error, power outage, or worse . The ideal would be that the programs have some mechanism of Autosave and indeed many already have it, but those who stayed behind may be assisted with AutoSaver which repeats the shortcut «CTRL» in the background while we continue to work.

Google Docs became (ael menos para mí) in a solid replacement of the Office package, but their dependence on a steady connection has left me in trouble more than once. The consequence is to prepare a text in Notepad is complete an action that has some risk, not because the software is feeble (todo lo contrario) but no option to not auto-save . If you forget to press CTRL + s, and something that is out of your control happens (los cortes de energía son bastante frecuentes aquí) progress vanishes in the air and that’s when wanting to throw the monitor out the window, except… that use AutoSaver .

from one minute to five hours, all programs that use CTRL + s for save

all that makes this small program is automate the shortcut CTRL + s in an interval of time that we set up. The minimum is one minute (recommended) but AutoSaver can expect up to a maximum of five hours if necessary. Its operation is based on a kind of «whitelist-blacklist» very convenient. The factory parameter extends the AutoSave all applications except those that appear on the list, while the other option is that AutoSaver works only with these apps. In both cases, are we who have to save for the first time. AutoSaver

it is portable and doesn’t have any gifts of Fund VirusTotal gives a perfect 0 on 61 engines. The only technical requirement of AutoSaver is version 4 of the .NET Framework in Windows 7 or lower. I did not find any conflict in my tests, and RAM consumption never exceeded six megabytes. Remember: you must be you who save the first time and AutoSaver will continue on their own.

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