Are the MacBook Pro becoming iPhone?

October 31, 2016 knbrothers 0

Thursday, discovered the new MacBook Pro finally have Touch ID and the new touch bar, dubbed Touch Bar. Is the Mac approaching the iPhone? what is the Touch ID? iPhone fingerprint reader was presented with the 5s iPhone in 2013 . Apple was the first company to incorporate this technology […….]

Automator, a great tool to automate Mac

October 30, 2016 knbrothers 0

Automator is one of those apps that come default on any Mac . This is little known and is a little hidden, but that doesn’t mean anything. This app has great potential, especially when it comes to save time automating processes. starting with Automator the first thing we have to […….]

Why choose a Mac over another computer?

October 30, 2016 knbrothers 0

the eternal debate between which is better Mac or Windows. Apple or any other brand. It all depends on what you look for and what you need. Here I’m going to give the reasons why I think that a Mac is better than any other computer . careful design of […….]

Thus you can edit PDFs in your iPhone

October 30, 2016 knbrothers 0

while reading a PDF on the iPhone or the iPad is a fairly simple process, edit it not so much . And it’s a feature that is very useful to add digital signatures, propose business or send designs. often the users of iOS are forced to leave the iPhone or […….]

All the secrets of the screenshots on your Mac

October 30, 2016 knbrothers 0

ever wanted to preserve what you see on screen? For that is what we call “ screen capture”, which consist of a snapshot of the screen as image. to get a screenshot in macOS and OS X is very simple. In addition, we have several options . our Mac snapshot […….]