Problems of connectivity in tablets

October 12, 2016 Fix It Pro 0

If you have problems connecting to a Wi-Fi network, showing on your tablet, for example, the icon of free Wi-Fi in your vacuum, in Orange device screen or with an exclamation point it is evident that it has connectivity to the network, so providing you connection to your tablet can […….]

Leapfrog Bolt, a printer 3D of double head

October 12, 2016 Fix It Pro 0

from Holland us comes this spectacular printer 3D of double head independent, a model that while as regards price and features is positioned much more as a model exclusive for the sector professional, it true is that is in that barrier that allows to many users domestic access to the […….]

How to protect your iPhone screen?

October 12, 2016 Fix It Pro 0

“has hands of butter? Do you feel that the screen of your iPhone already does not last as before?  If you answered Yes to any of these questions, let me tell you that it is not alone in the world; There are many who think the same as you (myself […….]

Arrive endoscopes for Android

October 12, 2016 Fix It Pro 0

the variety of gadgets that we have at our disposal for our smartphones or tablets is really huge: docks, lenses, housings of all kinds, tripods, portable printers,… but there’s one who will probably miss: an endoscope for Android. Surely, one of the most crazy and useful accessories you will find!. […….]

5 responses about digital transformation

October 11, 2016 Fix It Pro 0

under the circumstances, digitally transform a business is a must. Those who have not already started this quest, are in danger of falling quickly into obsolescence. The digital adoption rate is growing at double digits for all segments of age, except for those older than 75 years and 35 children, […….]

8 iPhone could mount the new and futuristic display of

October 11, 2016 Fix It Pro 0

Sharp Sharp could manufacture screens without edges of the new iPhone 8 while iPhone 7 is available at the market since very recently, we agree that expectations about the new Apple phone are very high , among other reasons because it talks about a device with edge-to-edge display and no […….]

What are the tokens of security and how work

October 10, 2016 Fix It Pro 0

in this post are going to talk of them tokens of security that already for many will be of use usual- or should be it-, but that to many others is you have escaped. It is also possible that there are those who use similar systems but with another form, […….]