Attack on PayPal and Bitcoins: ESET discovered fake apps in the Google store

ESET has two dangerous fake apps has analyzed Google in play store who have seen it on the user’s payment data, today announced how the provider of security solutions. Fürs video shows pay, increase the traffic of YouTube channel or simply from your Smartphone Bitcoins buy and sell? The developers of the fake apps “Boost Views” and “PaxVendor” want to believe user Android that they provide the appropriate applications. While you bent cybercriminals ESET according only on the user’s payment data. The European security-software maker has revealed both fake apps and presents the analysis in a detailed blog post .

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under the guise, has to offer a YouTube-related services, “Boost views” according to ESET snuck up on up to 100,000 devices. The app promises users to generate revenue by watching videos. Directing users to your PayPal account to can transfer the allegedly accumulated credit. For this, they are prompted to enter your login data in an unsecured form of authentication.

actually the PayPal login information be sent but unencrypted to the developer server in the background. The cybercriminals with the now compromised PayPal account available door to financial abuse.

while “Boost Views” aims to compromise PayPal accounts themselves would like to gain access to Bitcoins “PaxVendor”. The malicious app tries to get login data of the Bitcoin trading venue Paxful. Currently, there are still no official app from Paxful to be accessed from an Android Smartphone from the service.

the fake app “PaxVendor” first asks the user, disable an any Google – or SMS-authorization in your Paxful account to avoid potential obstacles by using two factor authentication. Following the login data is queried. The user divulges his credentials, an error message will be shown. The login information to the server of the cyber criminals are sent in the background. You can access the account and make transactions with Bitcoin.

ESET will recognize as Trojan.Android/FakeApp.FK (boost ViewS) and Android/FakeApp.FI (PaxVendor) the application.

the company advises users who have downloaded “Boost Views” and trying, to transfer money to your PayPal account, immediately change your PayPal password. In addition, suspicious transactions should be reviewed and, if necessary, reported to PayPal. The same applies to those who have installed “PaxVendor”. User should immediately change your Paxful password and check all activities for your Paxful account. In the application manager, both fake apps can be removed from the Smartphone.

Android users can reduce the risk of harmful malware on their smartphones and apps only about official app stores should receive and consider rating systems and negative reviews of apps. You should be also careful with downloads from third-party apps that provide additional functionality to the existing app and of course enter any sensitive login information in dubious third-party apps.


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