“{” “” “” “” “” Asepeyo launches a program of medical research related to printing 3D

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many of the advances that are being conducted within the 3D printing industry have much to do with the business and medical field and, for the latter not be left behind, must exist those formerly known as ‘patron ‘ , a series of people or, as in this case, entities, who are willing to invest in improving the lives of all. This is the case of the health care Asepeyo mutual and its new program of medical research.

entering a little more in detail, as it reviewed the organisation, same that has brand program today at Coslada hospitals in Madrid and Sant Cugat in Barcelona:

Asepeyo bets on 3D printing for medical purposes with the creation of a new program for medical research.

this programme of medical research is a breakthrough in the treatment of complex upper extremities and pelvis fractures. Its high degree of customization in the application in the field of Traumatology for the recreation of bones and orthopedic parts allows you to design an exact part for each patient.

reproduction life-size models of bones from serious injury facilitates their understanding and provides the medical team the chance to assess bone structures fractured before the surgery. At the same time, this technology allows to offer the patient more detailed information about your treatment and they are an excellent training tool.

thanks to this program we has managed to develop a methodology by which and through a TAC can be fully automated a three-dimensional reconstruction of the fractured area. Thanks to this a part that reproduces in detail the radiological image can be constructed using a 3D printer.

as data final, expose the statements of Dr. Isabel García Gismera Coordinator of hospitals and Coslada Hospital Manager:

is a technology that allows occasionally modify the criteria for surgical approach, to achieve a greater efficiency of the process. Expectations, to the advancement of materials and technique are very ambitious in orthopaedic pathology.

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