Arise the first images of the Apple Park offices and are awesome

after several years of work, the Apple Park is coming to an end. The works are concluded and images that reappear by the network claim that because we have seen before, we have a spectacular building everywhere.

images of the interior of the Apple Park

the appearance of the first photographs in high resolution from the interior of the Apple Park are really unique. is the first images in high quality from a new (and only) point of view. It is the vision that many employees will have from now on. The fortunate to be able to make these photographs have been our companions of Wired.

 Apple Park inside Apple Park in a view inside

a publication that has wanted us to show up to the slightest details which incorporates the new working Centre for the majority of the employees of Apple. In the publication of Wired read interesting details of the Apple Park. Things that have already leaked thanks to different drones that have flown over the facilities and the opinions of the different managers about their new “home”.

 tables at Apple Park tables at Apple Park

the late CEO and creator of Apple, Steve Jobs, dreamed of a place that was not unified, wanted divisions where to focus on specific functions in order to then attach them. To do this we needed space where to locate the different meetings, other spaces to make a break or other spaces just to get away and take forward work on an individual basis . So, after trying different sketches, Jobs opted for the circular form in its main building.

while it is true that only the central building has form circular, interiors vary depending on the building in which you find yourself at the new campus.

without air conditioning and with the famous knobs at the door

Steve was a man committed to preserve to the maximum the environmental, why the former CEO of the company did not want any appliance air conditioning inside, then, what to do in the summer, to respond to that question, Jobs chose because its building could breathe. Apple Park will cease to circulate outside air through its buildings and maintain a standard temperature between 20-25 degrees Celsius thanks to a system of water pipes to cool the air from the outside.

 inside of Apple Park inside of the Apple Park with walls of glass

different systems of air conditioning or heating only will start in extreme cases of temperatures (well very high either too low). This will be accompanied by some prohibitions as that restrict the modification of one or two degrees temperature maximum. To do this, employees of the complex will be aware of the information of the temperature (assume that through any application or internal tool).

as seen in the images, everything inside is made of Crystal . The tables are simply precious and leave directly from the walls, accompanying the tables we can see the lights.

 knob of the doors in the Apple Park knob of the doors in the Apple Park

tables can change height thanks to the panels that hide under own tables . Wired has not wanted to put aside one of the most controversial and conflicting for Apple when designing your new home, the cheekbones of the doors . The knobs will be a single piece of aluminium which highlights its simplicity, no buttons, no screws, only the knob.

but without a doubt the most eye-catching thing about this story is the point of thoroughness that can reach a company like Apple. Boxes for transporting the pizzas within the complex are the proof . Some boxes designed to retain the heat of the food without getting the dough to soften. Impressive!.

 boxes for transporting pizzas in the Apple Park boxes for transporting pizzas in the Apple Park

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