Area of functions, it would be one of the leading and most interesting innovations of the iPhone 8

in this article we bring you a new rumor, this something completely different to the usual time: area functions. A space dedicated to providing us access to certain functions in the phone.

the area of functions, a great idea

the rumors about Apple’s next iPhone do not stop joining every day. There is everything: from the most credible until somewhat improbable things, at least for the time being.

on this occasion, the prototype, documented with renderings of the iPhone, comes from the hand of iDropnews and is, without doubt, one of the rumors that, personally, more I’d like to be reality when we can see the presentation of the Cupertino phone .

in this case they would mix the sound of the screen adapted to all the front of the iPhone, using a small part of this – in particular – the bottom to perform certain functions.

the well-known analyst of KGI Ming-Chi – Kuo already predicted something similar a few months ago, since he spoke on a screen 5.8-inch that would be really useful 5.15 of them, and the incorporation of virtual buttons.

what will lead this new functionality?

 area functions so well would look the iPhone 8

this possible option is really interesting, since it could lead to greater ease of access to certain functions. In these renders, very well prepared, by the way, some examples of these features can be seen.

apparently, would be as a kind of Touch Bar as that incorporate the new MacBook Pro 2016. The technology is already created, it would now only be missing implement it. “

analysis of these functions

 Area of functions idropnews Renders the area of functions of iDropnews

in the first image you can see a Touch ID, once seen other examples, shown that it is not a physical button, but is it virtual so to speak.

the following picture can see what appears to be an outgoing call in which would have controls to call and hang directly on the bottom and not within the screen, as we are accustomed.

a continuation would have a Media Center to control our music or Podcast. Very useful. The question would be how activated, if using slide or making a concrete gesture.

another function would be to place the bar that we currently have in the bottom of Safari to control history, bookmarks, previous and next page arrows, menu sharing, access to pages visited… In this case we would not have any difference with respect to what we use today . It would be simply displaced.

and finally, and this really reminds a lot the Touch Bar, be able to have certain features depending on which applications, but above all I would go focused on photo editing or video functions.

would like to iPhone 8 had implemented this feature so useful? We hope your opinion in the comments.

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