Are currently place the iPod as a device for daily use?

the eternal question that many us do is if your iPod has a future or has already fallen into oblivion. From this article you will give our opinion in this respect.

are the dead iPod?

a question that tends to recur much is iPod really dead or still has hopes of being used today. Even I raised what I, personally, sometimes, since I have an iPod touch 5 G 32 GB.

some years ago the iPod was the device that we introduced in this ecosystem of Apple . So it was in my case, and I know more people like me. I bought an iPod nano 3rd generation, attention, 4 GB, and already seemed a world apart. The internal storage capacity is now laughable.


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iPod nano third generation

in those days well advertised it. A very long battery life – which was what most interested me-, the fact carry a built-in battery without having to rely on the batteries. For me this aspect fascinated me since I had previously had some MP3 and was very annoying changing batteries every few minutes.

also it was very compact and it could be anywhere. The design was nice, although with the passage of time, the part of back – chrome – was completely striped.

and thus spent some years and several iPods by my hands. In particular the iPod Touch fourth and fifth-generation 32 GB, respectively. This marked a before and an after in my day to day . The possibility of having internet in my iPod via WiFi and use it to browse or play was a pass. It was also my first device with FaceTime.

after iPod other apples

 iPod touch iPad arrived the iPad began to take prominence to iPod

after getting into the world of the Apple iPad 2 came and games and navigation passed to it. Now longer only used the device purpose music since it was still compensating me take it with me to stay without battery in my mobile (Samsung Galaxy S4).

the decline of my fifth generation iPod Touch became a year of buying it, when I purchased my first iPhone (iPhone 5 32 GB). Formerly lived with two operating systems completely different, but now used two devices that were visually equal.

at first I lived with the two, but came a moment in which I turned all my music to the iPhone to avoid taking a set in each pocket. Whereupon, my Nano was kept in a drawer… and the touch of fifth generation accompanies him now.

 iPhone Pocket the discomfort of carrying two”equal”devices in pockets

my personal opinion

are more cons that entails having a device so today. The first and most important. With the arrival of Apple Musi c, music streaming is the order of the day. Inconvenience? This device does not have 3G connectivity, whereupon you just listen to the music that you’ve previously downloaded assuming you to be free space.

truth is that the latest iPods that sells Apple are well equipped in terms of internal memory, but a high price . All this you can replace him with an iPhone, which although it is more expensive, gives you more than an iPod.

 iPod shuffle iPod shuffle as an ally in the sport

the only utility that I would give, iPods in this case would be to the Shuffle is to make sport and want to listen to music in a very small device that you can pinch you in the clothes.

for the rest, an iPod Touch see no useful since all that you can have with your iPhone.

we would love to know your opinion about this topic. useful see you today or on the contrary prefer to use an iPhone?  look forward!

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