Arduino shows us the future of the smartwatches

 Smartwatch with Arduino Due to rotate screen

over the past months, can that perhaps during the last years, we have seen how the smartwatches grew and came to our dolls in a fast way. But it seems that it is no longer so and users demand more news on these devices.

for the moment we know that the future of the smartwatches will be for making calls, but and then what? a good question that has curiously been answered by copyleft Hardware.

according to several students from the University of South China have shown the future will pass cause the smart clock display to move at whim and not vice versa, making the vision of the device and do not have to move the arm to do this.

this progress has been achieved through the use of a plate of Arduino, Arduino Due, which along with the rest of sensors got to the screen is rotated depending on our needs.

Arduino Due can be made that the smartwatches screen fits our view

to make this work, of the South University of China students only have needed this totally free Board several motors and sensors that many smart watches already have bluetooth, a gyroscope and a motion sensor.

Unfortunately, this is not a project because we can build a project that has been presented to demonstrate the power of free Hardware ourselves but and the functions that even the smartwatches can do for us. Although surely that after the publication of these papers more than one user and manufacturer of these devices will work on making this possible and a close reality.

personally I find it very interesting. Not only by the use of copyleft Hardware but by new features that can create . In this case we are talking about rotating the screen, but can that one day will enable us to build an own smartphone do not you think?

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