ArduECU, Arduino increasingly closer to the car


the automotive world increasingly is approaching more new technologies and in many cases thanks to copyleft Hardware. But truth is that there are certain elements such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi who find it difficult to reach the world’s vehicles. Maybe that ArduECU is why is born .

ArduECU is an interesting project that is of our Arduino board of everything needed to withstand shock or the inclement weather . This makes that we can place our Arduino board under any circumstances, even under water and not be affected the least, even being able to work perfectly.

ArduECU not only has a cover ruguerizada but also has IP69 certification on shock and water-resistant . All this makes the device perfect for installation in devices such as cars, motorcycles, or trucks. Places where shocks or rain not affect negatively the device.

ArduECU allows us to use elements such as the GPS with an Arduino board

ArduECU has three models, models that can be used depending on the situations for which you want to use it . The basic version for simple projects; a version for vehicles like buses or industrial applications and a third version with all the certifications that provides maximum resistance to water and shock.

three versions not only have coverage with a plate Arduino UNO, but they have an expansion plate to create their own projects, a wifi module, a module bluetooth and a slot for card sim, GPS, a battery and connections to connect ArduECU to your computer and to connect to the Arduino IDE.

this device is interesting because it not only allows us to take an Arduino board one anywhere, but to also make that copyleft Hardware comes to the world of the automobile, by having new features for little money, money that costs us an Arduino board one .

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