Arcelor Mittal wants to autonomous drones in its factories

 Arcelor Mittal

the multinational Arcelor Mittal one of the leading steel and mining producers worldwide with presence in more than 60 countries, has just revealed its intention by develop drones that can perform certain tasks within their facilities and above all have the ability to make them more autonomous possible.

this is precisely what came to explain a few days Rubén Pérez Chust head of the Department of Mechatronics and machine vision of Arcelor Mittal in Asturias during a ceremony in which several multinationals and large companies of the region presented some of their technological challenges to small businesses to try to develop them and do business together.

Arcelor Mittal shows his interest in everything that can offer technologies like 3D printing or drones.

a bit more into detail, highlight Rubén Pérez Chust did not enter into detail about the work that this series of drones should be autonomously in their factories although, for example, we know that Arcelor Mittal, in Brazil, uses drones to carry out inspections of maintenance facilities. Away from this, the Directors if that said the idea was to get instruct the drone that it was a point of any factory, the task for which it was programmed to do, and return without tripping with no machine, worker or obstacle.

without place to doubt a project that, at least for now, is more an idea that something tangible verdaderamete although this is precisely the challenge that planetan from Arcelor Mittal to their potential new partners. As a final detail, let know you that the innovation Department also seeks help for integrate 3D printing technologies in the design of new products .

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