Apple would submit a new MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air at the WWDC of June

are already less than a month of World Conference on Apple developers this year, the WWDC 2017. This will take place between day 5 and 8 June . But what will matter most to fans of Apple and non-developers is the presentation which will take place the first day. What present will us Apple? will be only software or hardware?

are new hardware at the WWDC 2017?

so far always had news concerning software at WWDC as he is a set of Conference aimed at developers from all over the world. Even so, it is own Apple give us a sorpresilla at the Conference.

according to the American medium Bloomberg Apple would be thinking to present multiple physical products in such presentation . And not just one or two, but three .

 WWDC 2017

new MacBook

a new MacBook (to dry) would be prepared to be presented at this Conference.

the last update that you received this device was in April of last year. Therefore does not sound crazy that we can see a new version in this Conference. Thus, those of Cupertino could use to update your device with new Intel processors . In addition, not excluded the possibility of any change in your physical appearance or some feature extra. For example, one possibility is that they replace the C USB port by one Thunderbolt 3 because it’s a better port.

 the MacBook could be improved in the WWDC 2017. the MacBook could be improved in the WWDC 2017.

Update on the MacBook Pro

changes in the MacBook Pro? sounds strange since less than a year ago that they received a major update. This course, in October 2016 Apple completely redesigned MacBook Pro. In this presentation we saw the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and the controversy of the shortage of ports.

if not expected any big change, expected that Apple only upgrade processors to the Lake Kaby Intel. In addition, nor does rule out the possibility of that increase the quantity or quality of RAM nor the SSDS.

 Apple updated the new MacBook processors to the Kaby Lake and increase the capacity of the RAM. Apple updated the new MacBook processors to the Kaby Lake and would increase the maximum amount of RAM to choose.

renewal in the MacBook Air?

the MacBook Air is missing a couple of years. Not sure quite what will happen with him. His position at Apple has begun to tremble from the launch of the new MacBook & MacBook Pro as these are thinner than the MacBook Air. I.e. currently the other two models outperform the Air in terms of finesse and lightness, so that makes this product lost its sense.

even so, this device sales remain very strong, probably reduced price . And that’s why what Apple could follow interested in producing this device. I.e., that the MacBook Air would be a low cost instead of a lightweight and very portable device.

and what could see at this Conference? An update in terms of its design and features is very hard to believe. The most probable is that only receive an update in terms of processor and main memory, and perhaps also in memory flash that incorporates.

 the MacBook Air, still alive? will I receive a new update? El MacBook Air, still alive? will you receive a new update?

Conclusion and more…

this is what is known as the rumors that we know today. Although there is still a year and never rule out anything. For example, remains to be see if the iMac will receive any updates similar to which will receive laptops, because the last time was in the year 2015. But is still most anticipated update of Mac Mini as from 2014 this device is not playing.

in addition, in this WWDC 2017 is also expected to see the Siri Speaker a device that Apple virtual assistant would lead to our homes.

what do you think? what are you waiting to see at this World Conference of developers? Do you hope the update of some device specifically?

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