Apple working on a diagnostic test not invasive in the Watch Apple that measure glucose in blood

Apple remains concerned about the health of its users and is for this reason that they are investigating how to make the correct measurements for those who suffer from diabetes. Apple


Apple health is heavily involved in health issues through the app that bears the same name. Since they launched the Apple Watch we can perfectly control various aspects of our health in every day, such as our dream, our heart rate, activity, the number of calories burned…

the measurement of these aspects is great, and actually there are certain accessories to make more accurate measurements. T stock from scales, thermometers, to tensiometers . But there is one aspect which Apple has still not solution, and it’s diabetes.

a few weeks ago you had in this article of Apple early advances in this field, but now part there are things a little more localized. “

the measurement of diabetes increasingly closer

 Apple diabetes measurement of diabetes can only be done using a sample of blood

from BGR, and through 9to5mac, we could see a report which has enough interesting facts about the progress of the company in the scope of control and measurement of diabetes. This is great news for all those users that have this disease, because their measurement could be more comfortable.

according to our source, Apple is now focusing on diabetes, and the company plans to introduce a monitoring function of glucose in clockwork Apple next game-changing. Our source indicates that Apple has hired 200 doctors in the last year as part of the company for improvement and innovation in the area of the health of Apple Watch.

once these views BGR source statements not very clear to us how can succeed, but refers to a series of smart belts that will make these measurements which does not raise the future watch the current price.

this problem much concerned about the Cupertino, already that only in United States, the rate of diabetes affects more than 30 million people according to the American Diabetes Association. Currently this measurement can be made only through a blood sample obtained by clicking finger.

do not know well how they will make it through a belt, but there is speculation that they could do so with light through the skin, as Apple clock measures heart rate.

hope to see this new feature in the next Apple clock so as well, people with the disease can live more comfortable lives.

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