Apple will make mandatory the use of passwords for application in iCloud for third-party applications

Apple announced today a series of important developments in the field of security. Cupertino wants to add some additional security measures to give greater security to accounts of users. From 15 June, all third party applications (not developed by Apple) q EU have access to your data from iCloud, they will have to apply for mandatory password .

Apple and its new policy of security in third party apps

this is compulsory for all developers, which will be equivalent to every application that uses iCloud data you will need to have a different password. Sure many of you will be asking you, which applications are those?, they are on my iPhone or iPad? .

while it is true that each user has own us apps, not all applications make use of your iCloud data but many other. The most prominent cases are different managers of e-mail that there are in the App Store. “

 Apple ID Apple ID

any application you need with your Apple account will need to adapt to the new rules. As I said before, managers emails are the most prominent cases because all these applications make use of your iCloud data. This can be beneficial for users, since they will not have to give directly the iCloud password.

in the statement of Apple, the company announces changes to all developers:

“from June 15 specific passwords for third-party applications will be mandatory If you use iCloud data such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or other client e-mail, contacts and/or calendar that are not offered by Apple.”

 App Store on an iPhone browsing the App Store on an iPhone

If you are already authenticated with one of those applications using the account and password for Apple ID, your session will be closed automatically when this change comes into force . You will need to generate a specific password for the application and login again.”

to be able to generate these passwords, will need to have activated two-factor authentication. is one of the options that Apple have long for all those users who want to add an extra to your Apple ID . With the arrival of iOS 10.3, of Cupertino wanted to insist that users activate the double check.

generate specific passwords for third-party with Apple applications

If you’re wondering how to generate a password for this kind of applications, I have good news. The process is simple and will not take many steps or times. Just go to the official web page of your Apple ID start session and access to the option “Security” and make click on “create password”.

 App Store App Store and applications

A continuation, the system will ask that you add you a name to the password that you are generating. When you press the ‘create’ option, the password will be generated automatically, you don’t have to do anything else. The Apple website will generate you a wide password with multiple letters and without the possibility of modifying it . I recommend that you copy and paste this password (e.g. in the application notes), somewhere safe because when you leave the generated password window, this will disappear from the display.

when you already have the password, must go to the implementation of third party you want, sign with your details (email and password) of Apple and more forward will give you a second window in which you will have to enter the password generated previously . It is very important to note that if you change the master password of your Apple ID at some point, all specific passwords will be automatically cancelled.

 security Apple security at Apple

you can generate up to 25 different specific passwords each of these may be used in a different third-party application. If at some point in particular want to see passwords, through edit “” in the web of the Apple ID you can do it. In this option, the web deploy several security options advanced which will highlight the “View history” option, there will be all focus them the generated with your Apple ID and you can even cancel some for the reason that is.

a starting from June 15, the only way to avoid these steps will be using Apple’s own applications. However, the goal of Apple with this change is not to promote their own apps, seeks to increase the security in your devices . Greater security in a precisely conflictive moment security of many companies and individuals.

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