“Apple will facilitate the incorporation of Live photos on your web site with this API

 Live photos on an iPhone

with the arrival of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, back in 2015, Apple introduced a new way of capturing moments. This is called “Live pictures” and allowed to capture a photo with sound and movement. Thus capturing special moments with something more than a static image.

Live pictures, a new way to capture moments

is not a novelty, Live photos takes with us almost 2 years . But many still do not know its characteristic.
This functionality allows you to take a picture, and together with her 1.5 seconds before and after the shot on video. Getting a stroke image.

at the moment all 6s on iPhone allow to capture photographs with this functionality that I commented, and it seems Apple will continue to support this technology.

lack of support of different social networks and sites one of the reasons why this feature is not very widespread in many users is to correctly display the animation. Making it difficult to share these animations.
Thus it is that Apple has released the API corresponding so developers can incorporate Live photos on different web sites.

 Live photos

Apple released on its web site for developers the news reporting of this novelty:

this new API based on JavaScript makes it easy to integrate Live photos on their web sites. In addition to allowing Live photos in iOS and MacOS, now be allowed users show their live photos on the web.

Live pictures can be taken with an iPhone 6s onwards and can be viewed on devices with iOS 9, OS X captain and watchOS 2 up. And it seems soon also we can enjoy it on other platforms.
With this we can ensure that Live pictures is here to stay, and that we will continue probably seeing this functionality in the next iPhone.

If you’re one of the few who still do not know in detail this functionality, you can visit the Apple’s website where you’ll see more information in this regard.

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