“Apple will begin assembling the iPhone is in India

 the iPhone begins process of Assembly.

a few months ago knew that the iPhone is would begin produced in the India . To this day, ensures that production would come to an end and would then start the Assembly process for sale.

would see when iPhone is in the India?

the Wall Street Journal media has launched a message ensuring that production of this iPhone is there would be completed at the beginning of the month of may, thus beginning the process of assembling part of the Wistron company.

cheapest Apple iPhone manufacturing, the, has managed this month by the Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron Corp., which has an Assembly unit in the southern state of Karnataka

the number of devices that have occurred is reduced, although the exact number is unknown. From its production plant, located in Bangalore, it is planned that during this same month would begin to send the iPhone first is to your local customers and it is estimated that, between this week and next, shops the retailers can receive the first shipments. “

 the iPhone begins process of Assembly. iPhone begins process of Assembly.

The starting price of this iPhone is yet to clarify, although some Indian Government officials claim that the cost of production of this iPhone would be around $ 100 below the $ 320, price of media that some dealers sell it. Even so, the final price of this iPhone is in India, would be above the average of the rest of Smartphone, which revolves around the $150.

if compared to the retail price in United States, it would be something smaller. Let us remember that there two models, sold the 32 GB for $ 399 and the 128 GB for $ 499. Apple, not much of the variation in prices depending on the area, would establish a lower price in order to sell a large number of iPhone in this market.

if these estimates of sales will come to be confirmed, Apple would be already considering the possibility to produce more models as the iPhone 7, in this new market. In addition, this would involve the granting of more land and resources by the India so Apple bet strong on the production of their phones in your country, thus promoting the initiative “Made in India” begun last year.

all indications are that over the next few weeks, we will begin to see the first shipments of this iPhone is Indian shops and therefore know the final price which will take.

do you think that the India is new iPhone next China producer? You think will be hosting the iPhone is in this country?

leave us your opinions in the comments.

source: MacRumors

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