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 Snowy Spotify Apple Watch

when it became known that Apple Watch stay mini apps depending on which they had the iPhone, many wondered how much is would take developers to have these mini apps for use in the smart watch of Apple. One of them which is very popular as Spotify could have an official app for Apple Watch very soon.

Spotty, the app that catapulted the creation of an official app for Spotify for Apple Watch Snowy  

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“width =”449 “height =” 553 “/ > for months, a developer of name Andrew Chang shared an app for Apple Watch running for Spotify. In the absence of an official app, Spotty was a complete success and a success to control the music in the Apple Watch. of Stockholm were impressed by the design of the app and its characteristics. They gave him legal support so the app continued to function until these days and even changed its name to Snowy.

the streaming service seems to feel attracted to the Apple Watch officially and they have agreed to work together with Andrew Chang to develop an official app .

Hello everyone, thank you for your patience and understanding. I’m excited to announce that I will be working closely with Spotify to Snowy Apple Watch as part of an official Spotify app for iOS (…) Although I cannot give no estimate of when it will be available, you can be sure that a complementary application of Spotify will Apple Watch.

great news to all Spotify users who have an Apple Watch, will be pending any innovation that exists in this regard. what do you think about the Spotty/Snowy app? Have you used it? Tell us your thoughts in our comments box. Your opinion is very important to us.

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