Apple wants to 1 billion dollar U.S. production push

Apple has promised to promote “advanced jobs in production” within the United States with a Fund amounting to $1 billion. Later in this month’s will announce its first investment in a company not yet called that takes place in this context. In addition, other initiatives are planned. So could increased its own workforce or human knowledge in computer programming.

 Apple headquarters (image:

which gave CEO Timothy D. Cook public impact in the TV show mad money the stock tip’s Jim Cramer announced his permanent-magnet Präsentation anyway guaranteed ratings. “By doing this, we can be the shaft in the pond,” said the head of Apple and put so near, that the creation of factory jobs could also stimulate the emergence of new services in the environment.

“Many ask me whether I consider it the responsibility of a company, to create jobs,” said Cook. “And my answer is that a company should have values, because a company composed of people. People should have values, and hence a company. And the return is one of the things you should do.”

return Apple want therefore through the use of the environment by it operates the company with renewable energy. “We give back through the creation of jobs,” Apple CEO added.

the announcement has offer from Donald Trump but also as a response on a . After his election to the President this end had made last year tax incentives in Vista, Apple should relocate part of its production to the United States. “We make a huge tax cut for companies that will make you happy,” he said, at the same time promised to eliminate cumbersome regulations for companies.

the iPhone maker waits for a lowering of nominally high in the US corporate taxes have long. An estimated 90 percent of its bar assets now 257 billion dollars he has stashed away abroad, to avoid tax payments in the United States. 2013, Cook had to testify before the U.S. Senate, and defend themselves against charges of massive tax evasion . He in turn demanded radical tax simplification a and specifically wished for a “single-digit tax”, what could motivate multinational companies to repatriate foreign profits.

with Apple is also already a company in the public criticism that has almost completely outsourced its own production to Asia. At a meeting with sizes in the Silicon Valley President Obama had the former Apple CEO Steve Jobs asked years ago, why iPhones in the United States could be produced. After a report from the New York Times he received from the former Apple CEO Steve jobs in February 2011 the categorical answer: “These jobs won’t come back.”

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