Apple updated Mac Pro and announces new model

Apple has his computer workstation Mac Pro an upgrade bought . Customers immediately stronger processors and also more powerful graphics cards for the same money. Pro – the current model comes a completely revised Mac from the year 2013 – there will be only in the coming year.

 Mac Pro (image: Apple) for 3399 EUR there is now the Mac Pro a 3.5 GHz fast six-core CPU of the type Intel Xeon E5 with 12 MB level 3 cache. The memory has been increased from 12 to 16 GB. With on Board also is AMD’s dual-fire-Pro graphics card D500 with 1526 Streamprozessoren and 3 GB GDDR5 VRAM, which was previously in the 4599 euro-expensive Mac Pro.

he comes now from the factory with two AMD fire Pro D700, the over 2048 Streamprozessoren and 6 have GByte GDDR5 VRAM. Moreover, Apple the more expensive model equips MB level 3 cache 3 GHz fast Intel Xeon E5 with a with eight cores and 25. The memory is also 16 GByte. For both models, he can be extended optionally on 32 or 64 GB.

in a interview with BuzzFeed News Apple’s marketing boss Phil Schiller also announced that Apple “consider the Mac Pro completely”. “You will see none of this products this year”, at the same time he dampened expectations for a new Mac Pro.

with the current Mac Pro design, Apple have maneuvered himself into a dead end. “We wanted to make something that is bold and different. What we do not fully could assess at the time, was that we design had adapted so much to a specific idea, that we have – restricted ourselves in a round shape”, Schiller added.

Furthermore, Schiller announced a new display for the workstation Mac, without however giving any details. Also he pleaded, like Daring Fireball reported to the Mac mini. “To do this, I say that the Mac Mini is an important product in our program and we have not brought it to the language, because it is a mix of a consumer product with a little professional use rather. “The Mac mini remains in our range, but more I now not to say.” DISPLAY

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