Apple updated Clips improving video editing

Apple a few weeks ago surprised us with a new application focused on the creation of mini-videos, has released a new update of Clips in which video editing has improved.

what is Clips?

is a new application created by Apple which focuses on creating small videos so that we can later share them. sounds true to something? Apple has joined truck making videos of short duration. In this case we can create short with several photos, videos, and titles. With Clips we can easily share these videos on different social networks. You can find the app at this link and for free is.

 clips comes to his first million downloads in the App Store Clips, the new application videos from Apple

how do use this new application of Apple?

first of all, we have to do is recording the scenes and taking photos that we want to include in this mini video. After that, if we are recording the images, either videos or photos, with the application we can use to apply various filters that the application offers us distort the image or make it look like a drawing. Even so, it is important to remember that when you apply a filter in the video, you have to select the time you want that this filter is displayed.

now that already have more or less mounted video, you can add titles that are superimposed to the image that will be visible on the screen.

clips can also change the order in which your mini video images are displayed. and can give a finishing touch by adding music that is in your gallery either own Apple, hear it from bottom of your video.

 Apple Clips image in Clips of Apple with filter effect drawing

new does this new update?

version 1.0.1 can be found the following developments which inform us Apple:

  • you will be able to edit text in the video in the same way being the video running or paused .
  • when you want share video with a contact who has various accounts contact Clips will suggest you the account that most frequently used .
  • improvement in stability when we are engraving and sharing video to some social networks.

would like to know a little more about this application? here are two links that offer more information about this new and interesting application of Apple: Apple launches ‘Clips’ and Clips reaches one million downloads in the App Store

and you’ve already tried Clips? What do you think of this new application? Leave your opinion in the comments box.

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