Apple suspended payments for royalties to Qualcomm by judgement between both

Qualcomm has seen reduced revenue and profits since they still have a pending trial with Apple-related royalties.

you put in background

If you had not heard of the history, Apple sued the chip maker in the month of January, accusing them of extortion, monopolistic practices in South Korea and because their prices were really abusive.

Apple believes are they taking advantage of his fame as best manufacturer of chips and antennas for mobile to raise their prices and set their own conditions when carrying out the agreements.

the problem comes now, when Apple has suspended those extra you pay that Qualcomm was receiving for its part.

the war between Apple and Qualcomm

the company, and in particular its director Don Rosenberg, are taking this as a “ attack ” by Apple because Apple suppliers are withholding payment of these royalties to Qualcomm.

that is why Apple filed a complaint against the company since he was charging such royalty for technologies that still did not possess, with which now the Cupertino not are paying those benefits to Qualcomm. “

losses that is suffering from Qualcomm Apple  

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problems that is causing this dispute to Qualcomm

the company’s shares have been falling up to 4.3%, reaching to 51.06 dollars. By contrast, Apple has increased those actions to 143,92 dollars.

from the moment in which was unveiled this future judgment, the chip maker began to plummet.

they are also suffering losses in profits, more than expected, since they felt that their benefits would be between 5.3 and 6.1 million dollars, on the other hand this quarter have been obtained between 4.8 and 5.6 million dollars.

“without a fee agreed to determine how much they should have suspended payments until the right amount can be determined by the Court” said a spokesman for Apple. Via reuters .

these demands have been extended to the markets of China and United Kingdom, and seems to be for long, since the trial have not been resolved.

a chip company nor you should antagonize with Apple, or even Samsung, since thanks to these two companies, the company stays afloat, since represent 40% of their income.  We will see in what is all this when the trial soon.

how about this whole subject? Do you think that Qualcomm has been passed? We hope your comments!

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