Apple shares reach a maximum historical

value of Apple Stock Exchange is now located above the 153 dollars for the first time in the history. these data imply that the company could manage to get a record coming to have a value in the $ 800 billion market. This means that Apple, right now, is 200 thousand million to become the first company to reach the incredible value of $ 1 trillion.

the growth of shares of Apple has been very fast

market analysis programs place Apple in the framework of 810 billion dollars today. the Cupertino company’s stock came to a minimum of $89,47 action in 2016, especially during the time in which the company of Tim Cook had a downturn in sales since 2001, and meant a decline in sales of the iPhone. From this moment, Apple shares have begun to climb fast and steady in recent months. 

 Apple logo next to dollars Apple Logo next to dollars, representing the economy of the company.

The Cupertino have shown their strength in the worst times

analyst Apple Brian White, of the investment firm Drexel Hamilton who works on Wall Street, continues to believe that the of Cupertino still form part of the companies whose shares are most undervalued market. actually says in his report:

the value of Apple has tended downwards for years while investors had its reticence regarding the company. They were afraid to come to fall victim, as in the other technological companies of nature fell in the past. However, Apple has demonstrated its resilience while I was developing a series of devices whose hardware and software that are integrated between them to perfection. Analysts continue to believe that Apple and their ideas will capitalize on the trend that increasingly has more “things” that will become a computer.

will be the first company to have a value of one billion dollars to reach

Brian White is the analyst who believes that Apple will soon become the first company to reach the trillion dollars. at the time that the actions of Apple spread across 202 dollars each a will mean that the company would have a market value of $ 1.05 trillion, thus leading to the idea that the analyst has.

 value bag of Apple value in the shares of Apple bag

the last week lowered the value of the shares of the company of Tim Cook

during the past week, after prosecutors results announced by the company, its shares went down to $143,27 action even arriving at values lower than those predicted on Wall Street experts. Even so, this slump in its value on the Nasdaq has proved to be an anecdotal bump especially considering the value obtained today.

many analysts are waiting to see how to follow the company’s value on Wall Street especially considering all the existing expectations regarding the hypothetical iPhone 8 . It is understood that bite Apple company will launch this device during the next fall, which would mean that its value in stock market would reach record highs, especially in the days following the exit of the new device to the international market.

would see the rise of Apple in the stock market? do you think that the company will reach the trillion dollars over the next few months?   do you think that Apple deserves the value obtained on Wall Street? Leave us your reflection or opinion in the comments box.

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