Apple shares marked their second all-time high

 Apple bag

Apple has gotten another great challenge in bag, reach its all-time high on the Nasdaq for the second time . It has come to the whopping number of 140.69 dollars per share .

Apple stays stable environment to $140

this record only after the closing of two days ago in 140.46 $ action. These figures only make that corroborate the fact that Apple is the company best valued with enough margin, since it is rated at bag by $738 billion.

 Apple bag

the Google giant, followed behind with his name in Alphabet bag, with a capital of $ 592 billion. Microsoft is the third in this ranking with something less than $ 500 billion.

analysts of Wall Street say that Apple is one of the companies with the best reputation in the market

several Wall Street analysts had seen come the great rise that Apple was going to experience. This rise is the largest the company has had since September 2015.

 Apple bag since Apple has remained stable to go up
with a very good record. For some five months has been climbing steadily up to these historical maximum . In February actions were
136.27 dollars, eclipsing the rise in April of 2015, when the market value of the company of Tim Cook had just exceeded the 700 billion dollars.

what will happen now?

experts consider that the situation of Apple will continue to rise . We cannot forget the effect rumors in this type of situation, especially considering the rumors of the highly anticipated iPhone 8 . Expected Apple to reach even higher numbers, getting figures between the 150 and 185 $ action .

do you think that the market value of the Cupertino is fair? It will keep climbing the value on the Nasdaq? Leave us your comments.

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