Apple sent invitations of the WWDC 2017 to the press

one of the most important events of the year next to the Keynote of September is just around the corner. Exact, we are talking about WWDC 2017 the Developer Conference that will present the new generation of operating systems, iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS and which Apple has already sent the corresponding invitations, although it seems that they have forgotten to Apple 5 × 1.

the WWDC will be begin June 5

 WWDC 2016 Tim Cook in the middle of the presentation of a new operating system

the WWDC starts on June 5, with the first event that will give way to a few intense days for all developers with various conferences in the Center of McEnery Convention in San Jose California . If you are loyal to Apple, it will be embarrassing you the site chosen, since it is different from the one chosen other years in San Francisco. All hoped that the presentation could be made on the new Apple Park, but it seems that we will have to wait to see a presentation at these facilities, but hope that in September we will see the Apple Park, more specifically to the Steve Jobs Theater, with the presentation of the iPhone 8.

continuing the theme that occupies us, occur over a few days of conferences, but we generally remain with one in particular, that of the June 5 to 10:00 o’clock in California (19:00 in Spain) . The invitation sent by Apple has already confirmed all these details, though they are already routine from one year to another.  They will be the main operating systems from Apple that we assume will be called iOS 11, macOS 13, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11, and maybe some more surprise.

the invitation itself has no mystery, we see Apple Apple formed by many people. want to introduce ourselves a greater interaction between all of us with an improved messaging system? Personally, I’m not too good to draw conclusions from this type of images, and is for that reason that I encourage boxed reviews tell me that you think this invitation that you find below.

 invitation WWDC 2017

would look forward to seeing on 5 June?

like I said, we all have high expectations on the new generation of operating systems. IOS 11, precisely on the day of today has become a filtering of possible innovations that we will see in the new OS for our iPhone and iPad. If you have not yet seen this article, I leave it to you here .

 iOS 11 alpha iOS 11, the main protagonist of the WWDC 2017

hope great news in this operating system, starting to have very good stability. In addition, I ask Apple engineers to bring us the dark mode, and also what we all want, a button to enable and disable mobile data from the control center.

in macOS also expect a step more in the operating system for the Mac, with more basic functions, such as a redesign of certain native such as Mail or calendar applications.

in watchOS and tvOS so little mature operating systems, the imagination of developers can go much further, since they have very little time between us and the built-in functions are reduced by comparing them with other operating systems. Therefore, we expect a breakthrough in this regard.

let us in the comments box everything that you expect from this WWDC, which of course, we will track live in our website and our YouTube channel.

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