Apple seeks a Manager to direct the production of contents original

for some time now, have been hearing that Apple is in the pursuit of creating original content for your users.
“After many meetings frustrated with Hollywood entrepreneurs now has met an important regarding HBO to give a serious image against producers of TV

 Michael Lombardo could direct the original content of Apple Michael Lombardo could direct the original content of Apple

Apple continues in the search for original content

according to a report of The Information ensure that Apple has met with former Michael Lombardo, HBO’s programming Chief who was responsible for Silicon Valley, game of Thrones and True Blood . “

 game of Thrones a reference of the original content from HBO game of thrones, a success achieved by Michael Lombardo

A regret that there is not something firm, Lombardo is a strong weight in United States television industry and is an excellent candidate if Apple wants to be taken seriously.

the problem that faced Apple

according to earlier reports, Apple doesn’t seem to have a clear strategy against the original content, generating large questions for Hollywood producers .
When queried on the movements of Apple TV entrepreneurs, they ensure that bite Apple company seems not to have a clear idea of what you want to .

a without reference to that lead the project is difficult for Apple to get producers who want to invest in the company. And it is precisely the hiring of Lombardo, the strategy that seeks to Apple for clean up image . Apple Music

is a good example for the company

for a while Apple has been producing original content to service Apple Music .
In the Apple Music Festival a starting gun was given to content that will come with iOS 11 Apple shows firm in the world of music.
Another example of your interest for the own content is found with film Harry Styles which was just released.

music world, Apple has a different image with more experience and a track record that stomps. And can thus generate exclusivity contracts with top artists.

Apple against the heavyweights of the

Apple TV needs to have own and at the same time strong content to compete with today on the market.
Netflix HBO Amazon are a few of the rivals to Apple must face.
At the moment there are many who hope that Apple decides to take the big step to the small screen. I think it has the potential to do so and probably will be an excellent opportunity to get new users for the company.

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