“Apple renames iTunes Podcasts, welcome Apple Podcasts

 Apple Podcasts on iOS and macOS

Apple has tried during many occasions to give a twist to each of their services, some have been successful as the App Store and others who are often left until the last and that are not perceived by all users. In the case of iTunes Podcasts, the Apple platform that offers podcasters to promoted is renewed day today with a new name, Apple Podcasts. will bring new features to the users?

Apple Podcasts, a new effort of Apple to bring podcasts to all

this change probably bring us some benefits hearing users, both podcasters but that alone will be over time. iTunes has long been a platform where the best music has been collected, it is currently true that Apple focuses on doing business with record labels and artists or bands, exclusive releases that are seen first in this platform and now at Apple Music . With podcasts, Apple has not had that impact. There are other platforms that host a countless number of podcasters and who does not feel sheltered so it was iTunes Podcasts.  Apple Music and Podcasts

we will have to wait for the 2017 WWDC to have a more in-depth approach, remember that Apple takes advantage of the announcement of new operating systems at this Conference to disseminate other ads related to their services .

what do users want?

Apple should turn around to see some demands of the users with respect to their platform. As a personal opinion, I’d like to expose that Apple should offer some compatibility or openness to other languages. The categories of podcasts are appropriate but if Apple could give a bit more expansion into the language as the Spanish in other countries (what happens in reverse with the us for everyone), users will surely be grateful for this.

in Spanish podcasting needs to have more examples and if Apple gives a positive boost did it, own podcasters will thank you and encourage to arising new talent or find existing.

what do you think about Podcasts of Apple platform? is a simple name change or will come something better? share your opinions with us in the comments box.

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