Apple releases Safari Technology Preview 29 with improvements to level internal

the pace of updates from Apple does not stop, while other manufacturers fail to overcome the 7% market share. Of Cupertino continue with a high rate of updates on many fronts that are open. On the day of today, Tim Cook company has just launched a new update of Safari Technology Preview 29 .

safari Technology Preview 29 brings performance improvements and internal failures

for all those users who do not know what Safari Technology Preview, are before the experimental browser that Apple first introduced the month of March of the year 2016. The idea of Apple was the design a program beta (Safari Technology Preview) for try the features that could be made in future versions of Safari within macOS. “

 safari Technology Preview 29 beta Safari Technology Preview for Mac

new version beta, Safari Technology Preview includes fixes and improvements for JavaScript, CSS, Rendering, Web Inspector, WebCrypto, Accessibility, Media and more . Just as Apple does with other updates, in Cupertino have been unwilling to give more details of the improvements introduced by the developers, but we’re basically talking about performance improvements and bugs in the program.

are why the development of the browser on Apple?

29 Safari Technology Preview update is available through the tab “Update” from the Mac App Store for all those people who are given high in betas of this browser program. All innovations presented by Apple in this new version are available from the Safari Technology Preview web site .

Apple with STP, aims to gather the opinions of developers and users about the development process of your browser. “

 safari Technology Preview 29 beta

this beta version of Safari coincides with other programs of development of software that Apple has. Since the summer of 2016, Apple offers the opportunity to try different versions beta iOS and macOS to the public in general (not just developers). The objective is to test future official versions of all the software from Apple and fix the greatest number of failures before the official release .

Apple has pointed out that these programs betas were developed after the failure that was the launch of the maps of Apple in iOS 6 . Of Cupertino faced great criticism for the amount of such failures which included its application for maps. Fortunately, the bug also learn and Apple are taking seriously this type of beta programs.

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