Apple releases fifth beta of tvOS 10.2.1 Developer

Apple seems that it has no very well organized their betas, as we were used previously. On the day of today, the Cupertino company has released the fifth beta of tvOS 10.2.1 . In this article we tell you everything about this new beta for our fourth-generation Apple TV.

fifth beta of tvOS 10.2.1, a very advanced version without hardly news

are already very few weeks have among us new generation of operating systems including tvOS 11. Apple to release these betas without hardly news to say no to some will lack any sense. Although internally we assume that as always, Apple patched different security holes.

 tvOS 10 tvOS 10

that is why do not hesitate to update when Apple releases the final version of tvOS 10.2.1 in order to enjoy these improvements in security and stability. And now the big question that surely you are doing, will leave when this final version?

this question is a great unknown, but we can already assume that in the coming weeks we will see it next to all operating systems, having the company on the market. In addition to viewing are releasing these as high betas to eyedropper. remember that same Tuesday released fifth beta of macOS 10.12.5 and at the moment we have not seen anything else. It will be this that already the coming week will see the final versions of these operating systems?

is something that will reveal us the time but knowing Apple can this final version see it when we have the developers conference just around the corner. This strategy would work to avoid losing custom and continue releasing betas every week.

do you what do you think that the Apple has launched today in a solitary way tvOS 10.2.1? Do you think that we are very close to the release of the final version? Leave us your comments in the comments box.

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