Apple released new iMac in October with E3 and 64 GB RAM Xeon processors


in this week we have seen the launch of a renewal of professional computer Apple, Mac Pro . and as not, rumors about a renewal of the iMac have been quick to arise across the network. Today launched a new rumor with features that would have this renewal of the iMac, with features that if they are authentic, could have a very powerful and succulent computer front.

a rumour that we want it to be true in relation to the iMac

this rumor that has been published on the blog Universum of Pike announces some very significant improvements in relation to the power that are claimed by part of the professionals who are the main consumers of this product. 


the blog cites the following characteristics, which we encourage you to comment in the comments box, if you believe that they are suitable or miss something else.

  • processor Intel Xeon E3 . This Intel processor which we do not know official information could carry built-in processor ES-1280 v6 with a graphics Intel HD Graphics P630.
  • 1 6 GB of ECC RAM expandable to 32 or 64 GB . This ECC RAM has the possibility of detectar.y repair errors that cause potential problems with the data system.
  • hard disk SSD . The next generation of iMac would bring built-in storage flash based on PCIe with a capacity up to 2 TB.
  • graphics from AMD. a graph of AMD compatible with virtual reality and professional applications could be a reality in the next iMac.
  • and not 3 ports Thunderbolt 3 . Apple is going to follow its line of ports, but the renewal of Mac Pro not included them, something that impressed us.

in addition, in the peripheral would see a keyboard TouchBar and Touch ID something interesting that is closer to the MacBook Pro technology. Also on the subject of screen we would see technology 8 K although this not leave nothing cheap, asciendiendo only the external display to $ 5,000.

do you think that this iMac will be a reality in the month of October? Let us all what you think in the comments box.

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