Apple publishes “The City” a video that highlights the way portrait of 7 Plus iPhone

today Apple has released on their YouTube channel a new video promoting the 7 Plus iPhone’s brilliant camera especially focusing on his characteristic and exclusive portrait mode.

the iPhone 7 Plus touted in a beautiful and emotional advertisement

this new and beautiful ad entitled ‘The City’ 1:11 minutes focuses on the capabilities of the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera . This ad shows the overcrowded streets of Shanghai City and focuses on two characters who take out photos to the other using the magnificent Chamber of this device.

 iPhone 7 Plus dual camera iPhone 7 Plus and its dual camera

mode portrait focuses only on those who most want

in the emotional ad we see the couple that at the time that decide to take the pictures, left alone. focuses on the ability to blur the outside to focus on the person that you are photographing. Apple wants us to focus on those we most want, forgetting the exterior and the rest of the world.

 Apple 'The City' - iPhone portrait mode 7 ‘The City’ ad frame

the song that plays in the background is ‘Sing to Me’ Walter Martin. The ad focuses on the portrait of the 7 Plus iPhone mode, they want us to focus on what we love and forget the rest.

Apple focuses on iPhone portrait mode 7 Plus on their various campaigns of marketing

is not the first time that Apple focuses on the portrait of the version of the latest model of iPhone plus mode to promote the device. Cupertino are very proud of this iPhone camera and focus most of the marketing in that aspect. in several previous commercials, as the baptised ‘Take Mine’ among others, already focused exclusively on this aspect. In this listing we see a girl coming to a Greek village which is dedicated to photographing different neighbors using portrait mode. Some dare to say, that the new ad that we are talking about in this article could be a sequel to this.

you can see beautiful announcement ‘The City’ here itself:

what do you think of this new ad? Do you think that Apple has done a good job trying to mode portrait in this and the different ads? Do you think the way portrait of the iPhone 7 Plus excellent as they promote it? Leave your opinion in the comments box, we will be happy to read you.

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