Apple plans to open a new Apple Store in San Luis Potosí in Mexico

Apple expansion plans, continues opening new shops in different cities of the world. Now, and to the delight of many, it seems that a new Apple Store is close to open its doors in Mexico . Strong Mexico bet Apple

September 2016 back Apple surprised many at the inauguration of the first Apple Store in Mexico . being the third in America Latina.

recently, we learned that the second Apple Store in Mexico is very close to open its doors. Located in the city of Mexico more precisely in the Antara commercial Center this new store will feature the new style of design that Apple has been offering the latest stores and that soon be applied in “antique” shops .

now, the third Apple Store is very close from being a reality.
In this case, Apple has decided to move from the city of Mexico. More precisely to the city of San Luis de Potosi about 400 km from the capital of the country.
There you will find the El Dorado Shopping Center the new Apple store will receive with open arms.

 centro Comercial El Dorado in Mexico Centro comercial El Dorado, who will receive the new Apple Store

characteristics of the new Apple Store in Mexico

Apple has presented new designs and styles in the latest opened stores . Something that we met in the new Apple Store in Dubai as well as having a bright design, spacious and new activities (such as concerts and talks with famous artists), offering new technologies. Such as mobile panels 18 of 55 meters, which are adapted to different environmental conditions, thus offering a protection to the high temperatures of the region and allowing exit to visitors to the fantastic balcony with nighttime views of the city.

Although it is too early to know yet, since the construction of the new store is in its infancy, it is believed that the Apple Store in San Luis de Potosi will feature the new style that the Cupertino have proposed for their stores, including a double-height.

 new Apple Store in Mexico new Apple Store is close to open its doors

when will open the third Apple Store?

there is no official date of its opening, but it seems that works go steadily .
We can thus deduce after learning that Apple has begun hiring staff for the store. You can also view a poster of “Soon” in front of the future store.

Apple and its commitment to Latin America

if well in Latin America there are many official stores or reseller, the presence of Apple with own shops is very low.
Brazil was the first country to receive an Apple Store currently having 2 stores (in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro).
Mexico, for its part, will have 3 Apple Store in a short time .
And Argentina is in the plans to open the first Apple Store in 2018 according to some rumors.

the truth is that Latin America is a big market with many eager users acquire bite Apple products, but with little chance of having the appropriate support.
But for Apple this represents a great challenge both for the diversity of markets, logistics and some other political problem that will affect the financial stability of any region.
Despite all this, Apple needs to expand its horizons . Although it has managed to improve its sales abroad, with India and China, you need new markets if you want to continue to grow.
For one thing, these news of new stores are great news for Latin America. And hopefully learn new openings in the near future.

you who you think, is the beginning of a real expansion or just an isolated case? Leave your opinion in the section of reviews

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