Apple patent: Smartphones Wireless charging wireless router

Apple busy apparently using wireless power transmission parallel data transfer. The US Patent Office (USPTO) has now published one in the submitted October 2015 the iPhone manufacturer’s patent request, that describes a device with such concurrent capabilities.

(Bild: Apple / USPTO) (Bild: Apple / USPTO)

of Apple Insider first discovered patent application 20170117754 coming from special antennas, which are required for the parallel transmission of energy from a Wi-Fi router, so that existing hardware could not be used. There is talk of a special form of Patchantennen with response elements. This antenna type can have a special directivity.

the antennas will enable the simultaneous “emitting” by energy and the wireless transmission of data. It can be in practice implement, that may produce a new generation of multi-purpose wireless routers, which at the same time provide for the charging of connected mobile devices.

basically new the idea is not to transfer energy via Wi-Fi signals. Reported in the June 2015 – just a few months before Apple’s patent application – about MIT Technology Review research in this area.

at Apple’s numerous patent applications remains in the the rule initially unclear, whether the technique described in it will ever find its way into a finished product. In this case there are but credible evidence daruaf that Apple is working actually on a new technology for wireless energy transfer . Bloomberg reported at the beginning of last year with reference to insiders of a wireless charging technology, that of greater distance than current loading techniques, already 2017 could be introduced. Apple to do this research with partners where it could be to the semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom and Qualcomm.

Although Apple rather hostile showed public compared to Wireless charging ways, his patent applications has long told that’s worked perfectly so. 2013 it was display and based on a hybrid device for example, a wireless power transmission between . And a month later a request to reveal, came a according to smart cover could be used as a wireless charger . An Apple patent application already in 2010 was to use an iMac as a hub for Wireless charging over a distance of about one meter by means of near field magnetic resonance.

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