Apple patent: accessory turns iPhone into notebook

a newly published patent application, Apple’s a supplementary device stipulates that picks up a Smartphone or a Tablet is a dock and at the same time to a notebook extends – by’s holds, which is still missing. How illustrations show, to about iPhone or iPad how components are absorbed and quasi extend their functionality to a MacBook with touch controls. The accessory in the shape of notebooks would be not to use, but will serve only the extension of the iPhone or iPad.

in a planned variation of US patent 20170083048 could occupy an iPhone ranked the trackpad in your notebook. Then it could used not only itself as a trackpad but provide also processor, memory, graphics chip, and mass storage for the entire device. “

 an iPhone takes the place of the trackpad (image: Apple / USPTO). an iPhone takes the place of the trackpad (image: Apple / USPTO).

in this case display and battery in the unit would be installed as another precondition for a type of hybrid-notebook. The patent description but executes another version of a Tablet is the display, while in addition holds a trackpad the laptop dock combination. In this case, it would be the iPad, whose internal Komponenten characterize the entire experience. With more memory and an additional GPU, the attachment could optionally waiting for a greater overall performance.

in general are “different types of systems and methods, to provide internal components for portable computing devices with flat construction”. As usual, the claims reported by Apple are as wide as possible formulated and should go beyond the examples specifically mentioned. “The attachment can take many forms”, it is about. The illustrations are examples and the rights therefore is not limited to such executions be.

 iPad as a display (image: Apple / USPTO) iPad as a display (image: Apple / USPTO)

the patent application was filed on 21 September 2015 and released on the 23rd March 2017. Like at many other patent applications from Apple, it remains but at first unclear whether the technique described in it will ever find its way into a finished product.

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