Apple Park could start to be operational in the coming weeks according to this video

the Apple Park, a monument to all fans of this company, has us with much intrigue and excitement from the day in which we began to build. all expected something big from the company and it seems that video after video has been published, has been leaving us with their mouths open.

on the day of today, has posted a new video of the Apple Park engraved with a drone and published by Matthew Roberts on his YouTube channel. This latest video sample Apple Park almost finished, and therefore soon will see fully operational, including presentations, such as the iPhone 8.

Apple Park, a mammoth work that comes to a close

was that we weren’t going to see this new enclosure with the signing of operating Apple ever, but 2017 is the year in which it will be finished and running at full capacity . Thus we see him in the last video that we have found on the net recorded from above using a drone, and I leave here so you can view it and draw your own conclusions.

as you can see, the main buildings are already almost finished although we still see some machines working in the field. Since it was announced the official name of this small town in February, workers have been working day and night to advance r, in order to finish it soon.

the main building, or baptized “spaceship”, is almost ready. solar roof is completed almost 100% and is only the large pond that will exist in inner courtyard which will be. when we talk about the landscape, already can see that Apple want their buildings to rise above a forest, because they have flooded the surrounding trees and vegetation, fulfilling the objective of having a commitment with mother nature. There are so many trees planted, that have left California with shortage of trees.

 view of the Apple Park from a drone view of the Apple Park from a drone

the main buildings are almost completed, but there are other assistants who aren’t so finished s, and works will continue until summer apparently. Theatre Steve Jobs, it seems being in the same conditions and will not be ready in may although we hope that delay does not affect the presentation of the iPhone 8, and we can visualize it inside in order to remember the deceased Steve Jobs because this year marks 10 years since he raised the first iPhone.

in the coming weeks, will begin moving some employees and before the end of the year, will be more than 13,000 employees that have Apple in this small town.

do you what do you think of progress that he is taking the Apple Park? Leave your impressions in the comments box.

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