Apple music for Android 2.0 comes with redesigned and Apple has Apple music new features

Android version 2.0 updated. The new version of the app comes with a completely revised design and new features that should make it even easier and clearer for Android users to browse new music and to discover. Version 2.0 is available at the Google ready play store .

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the rider”Library”,”for you”,”Discover”and”Radio”were redesigned, to enable an improved orientation. In addition, a search tab is added to make it even easier to find music.

on the “Library” can easily through their music and the loaded title navigate users that offline play themselves. Under the tab “for you” are – based on your own favourite music – recommendations for playlists, albums and more. “Discover” offers the app music and playlists for any mood or activity.

 Apple music for Android 2.0 (screenshots: Apple music for Android 2.0 (screenshots:

If you are a current track from Apple music play screen, you can with a wiper upwards display also the corresponding lyrics.

Apple music was launched on 30 June 2015 in 100 countries and has own according to now over 20 million subscribers, which offers unlimited access to videos, playlists, over 40 million songs and music recommendations from experts. After a three-month free membership, membership extends automatically for a month, if not at least 24 hours be terminated prior to the renewal date. A change membership type is always possible. Apple offers the individual membership for 9.99 Euros per month, the family membership for 14.99 Euros per month and the student membership for €4.99 per month.

interesting for Apple music users and telecom customers: with the from 19th April to bookable option StreamOn can Telekom customers of certain MagentaMobil and MagentaEins rates then go stream music and videos, without consuming the data volume of the mobile phone tariff. Apple music counts here right from the start away to the affiliated partners.

also competitor Spotify does not sleep and a lossless Streamingangebot is reportedly planning . The service tests for individual users, what price they are willing to pay for streaming lossless CD-quality. The offer could be introduced for monthly 15 to 20 dollars. Tidal provides lossless quality already, but no broad audience convinced.

that additional revenues could make finally profitable, the streaming service Spotify should indeed lead the loss-free offer and wins a portion of its customers according to Statista paid 50 million for a höherpreisiges subscription. According to tested price acceptance, a wider launch could take place so soon.

Spotify hält Apple Music mit 30 Millionen mehr zahlenden Kunden auf Abstand (Bild: <a href=Statista)” width=”684″ height=”513″ class=”size-large wp-image-88291554″ />Spotify hält Apple Music mit 30 Millionen mehr zahlenden Kunden auf Abstand (Bild: Statista)


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