“Apple Market Forum, the event that will bring together professionals who use Apple products

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after a long day with many innovations in a number of Apple products we also bring you more information about the upcoming Apple Market Forum . An event that promises many emotions and surprises for all professionals who use Apple devices in its day, we tell you more about this event here.

what is the Apple Market Forum event?

for all those people who do not know what the Apple Market Forum, is to explain to them that we have a new event whose duration will last a couple of days. This event will take place at the end of this year for all professionals who use Apple products . This new event will be professionals who represent major corporate brands, managers of companies, developers, consultants, observers of the Apple industry, trainers, vendors and users. The Apple Market Forum is a place to develop the full potential of different Apple products.

 keynote of Apple

but who is behind this event?. The Apple Market Forum is being organised by Paul Kent from Macworld Expo and the Mac Observer, Dave Hamilton contributor . The idea starts with the premise of to meet the new and experienced members of the community of Apple, to share impressions, dynamics and opinions where Apple and its products are the focus of the event.

what we can find in this event?

one of the questions that you can be doing right now is what we will find in this event. The Apple Market Forum attendees can be found as follows:

attendees will enjoy 2 days of analysis, vision and knowledge on the dynamics, the tools and technology that define the market of Apple .” The Apple Market Forum is designed to spark conversations that can be explored during the time that lasts told the Conference with an ample opportunity to get attendees to mix together, addressing different points of interest such as those found in your program:

  • analysis and comments on the competitive positions of Apple.
  • evaluations informative Apple technology deployments.
  • shows third-party tools.
  • productivity: technical advice on how best to use common tools based on Apple.
  • a few surprises of style “One More Thing”.

 Apple Market Forum

learn, think, and meet other influential members of the Apple market and members of the ecosystem in a comfortable, relaxed and smart. This is how we can better define a fair like this in which, is sought that the participant can leave with a better understanding of how Apple is measured in a variety of sectors. be better informed and positioned thanks to this event and its clients and their participants. All the end of search success thanks to the different technologies that Apple has in the current market.

the first Apple Market Forum will be held in August in Silicon Valley but at the moment does not know much more. If you are interested in attending this event, anyone can sign up on the list of priority registration until the registration is open. Please note for this event, will only get 350 attendees so you’ll have to prove your credentials to be one of the 350 participants.

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