Apple lowers the share membership in the App Store

a long time ago that Apple has a affiliate program so developers can obtain income with their applications published in the App Store .

this program provides benefits for developers and web sites which published links to the App Store and of course their own Apple . For quite some time a percentage has been applied to each of the parties, which now have been modified. 

changes in the App Store affiliate program

when a web site published news, revised or simply advertising of a app from the App Store developer received a purchase rate.
Apple decided to change the percentages given to each party, thus notifying the developers.
Above developers obtained 7% of payment carried out a user by an application, accessing a web link.
From now on, developers will have to earn 2.5% of the total of the purchase.

a as an example, before, when a user acquiring an application for $2.99 (after accessing it through a web link), the developer was left with $0.20 (7% of the total). With this change, now developers will be with 0.07 dollars (2.5% of the total). Clearly a notable difference for developers.

 App Store on an iPhone browsing the App Store on an iPhone

what happens with revenue from web sites and other products?

one of the main controversies that brought this decision by Apple, is lack of clarity in this regard . Many developers complained of declining profits, and the same goes for web sites that are a percentage of revenues.

the problem is that Apple message is not clear and at the moment is not known with certainty what percentage of those media that act as intermediaries, and publish link to this application, that is to say, advertise.

that’s why Apple tried to clarify the issue with an official statement from their website:

we would like to clarify some changes being made in the affiliate program. Commissions for all purchases of iOS applications will be reduced from 7% to 2.5% at the global level, while the rest of the content (including music, movies, books, applications payments iOS and TV) will keep the current 7%.

this new policy of revenue proposed by Apple is directed to to increase the income of the company . In some cases drastically reducing the profits earned by the developers. As well as it raises uncertainty for the blog and web sites that received a share of the revenue.

 percentage of revenues in Q2 2017 of Apple section percentage of revenues in Q2 2017 of Apple section

Apple needs to generate more revenue with this change percentages?

the main objective of this new payment system has launched Apple, is neither more nor less than revenue into the coffers of the company . And many are wondering, would need this?

is not that Apple is in financial trouble. Nothing further from the truth. In the last financial reporting from the fiscal 2nd quarter the numbers have been more than favorable.

Apple brings the revenues generated by the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud and others, in a category called “Services” .
This category accounted for the 5% of total income . Something for nothing despicable.
In addition, the own Tim Cook said that if we take into account the revenue generated by the category “services” is could compare with a company located in the Top 100 of the Fortune list .

If you look at these numbers, we see that Apple does not need to modify the membership fee. But it’s a company that needs to make money. The problem will be reflected in developers and others affected by reduction of percentage of profits. That you will not be happy with this decision.  We’ll see if Apple decides to reverse or if he is firm with this decision. It should also be more details of earnings that will receive the rest of those involved.

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