Apple launches “Clips”, an application to make short videos

 Apple Clips

today we welcome you to a new app” Made By Apple “ in the App Store IOS . This new application launched by Apple few hours ago called Clips .

what is Clips?

this is a new application created by the company of the Big Apple. Today, 7 April 2017, we welcome you to this new app.

and what is? This application allows be small videos that we can later share. In this way, we can create short made up of several photographs, videos or titles. And what we then do with them? Well, this application makes it easy, as you can share our clips iMessage, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,…

and what is the price? Like most of Apple’s household applications, this application is fully free .

how use Clips

to create a new video clip, the first step is record take photos that we want to use or our scenes. “

 Apple Clips - video or photo

once recorded a scene of our video clip, you can apply different filters. Thus, we can make it look like a drawing, distort the image or make other similar modifications. It is exactly the same with photos to which also you can apply different effects similar to which can be applied in Snaptchat, Instagram, or PhotoBooth. But unlike in with the videos, you will have to here select long want to remain on the screen. “

 Apple Clips - add effects and filters

in addition, you can also add titles our short, both titles covering the entire screen, as titles that overlap a video or image. Thus, we can put text to our video clips using the variety of titles that are available. “

 Apple Clips - add titles to our music video

once we have finished recording, take photos, apply filters, put effects and titles, can modify the order in which our scenes will appear if you have not made by order. Finally, you can select music that will be heard in the background, if you so want it. To do this, you can choose a song from our gallery, either one of those selected by Apple.

and ready! Now just save our clip. Once done we can store in the reel, share this by our social networks or favorite messaging applications.

what do you think of this app? see it useful? Have you tried it or going to try? Did you like it?

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