Apple launches a web site for its program “Today at Apple”

Apple launches a website dedicated to inform us about the workshops and courses that we can carry out within its stores, within the program Today at Apple

find out what you can do in your Apple Store close

a few days ago you had that Apple had launched a new web site where explained you how exploit your iPhone camera 7 and 7 Plus, although also some tutorials for the rest of the iPhone earlier were valid.

has now launched a web page dedicated to inform us of courses that are being made in our nearest Apple Store. All this can verify you through a calendar can see and verify such classes and events.

 today at apple information about the workshop, timetables and route up to the store

in addition, next to the event explains a bit by where are going to move this workshop, telling us what to do and why reason is the event or workshop. We also know when will last approximately class.

the idea is similar to that Apple posed in his section of classes and events, what changes is that can now see future events thanks to the programming schedule. 

workshops for all

 today at apple workshops focused on children

this new web site also offers content specially dedicated to the kids of the House, since they have included certain workshops to help children learn to manage certain programs such as iMovie and GarageBand. Something very interesting is that they may also participate in “Recess time” and set in fields of Robotics through Sphero products .

a tags through can more easily find the workshop that most interests us since they categorized it into photo and video, music, art and design, programming, businesses, parents and children, teachers and finally, products.

if we for example, click company, we can see how Apple can give us some guideline on how do grow our business create sheets of calculation or create creative presentations. Very interesting, no doubt.

no doubt Apple is doing well, since it is showing much interest in the field of assistance to its customers. We remind that the company was already offering workshops, but now they are much more organised programming shown on the web.

If you are interested in finding out what workshops are held close to you, access the website that Apple has dedicated to these courses. If you go to any of them, tell us your booking experience and others.

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