Apple is working on an autonomous car to compete against Tesla

 car self-employed Apple

seems to be that Tesla must go worrying because in yesterday jumped all the alarms to the confirmed officially that Apple is working on a stand-alone drive It would make the Tesla brand competition.

Apple continues to expand in the technology market, and now what was left of them was entering the world of motoring, head with a stand-alone drive with the logo of the Apple bite and designed in California.

this autonomous car of Apple not caught us by surprise

have not been few rumors that announced us that Apple would be working on a secret project called Titan project in recent years . The design of the first autonomous car of Apple was hiding behind this name. And these rumours have been accompanied by migrations of Tesla to Apple. This already gave us to understand that Apple would be working in the world of the autonomous car.

 car self-employed Apple

yesterday confirmed these rumors in the medium Busines Insider since Apple appeared in a California DMV list . To appear in this list, Cupertino already have authorization for testing cars in California. and this permission is not requested “by having it”, if not, because will benefit it testing some vehicles by the Californian streets. And Apple will soon do so.

this already shows us that Apple is very advanced in its project already not so secret, it seems having 1000 employees. You may see in a few years a new product in the Apple Store, but much larger than what we have previously seen. And of course, much more expensive. So are going to have to start preparing the portfolio If you want an autonomous car of Apple and have the latest technology of the company.

let us in the comments box everything you think of this issue of the autonomous car with the bite Apple logo.

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