Apple is developing its own autonomous driving software

 Apple CarPlay in a Mercedes Benz

No desvelaríamos no secret if you say that Apple has long been working on its own autonomous car that put a dent in the automotive sector. A project that was abandoned as confirmed some workers of the company, not viable enough see the foray into this market. However, according to the documents that I will discuss today, Apple could have been decided to offer its own autonomous driving software.

a car list authorized testing in California, adds a new document

a few days ago I commented that Apple appears in a list of California DMV . A list that says that companies are allowed to do tests of cars in California. Something that made us think that Apple could have resumed the project in your own car, but not.

Busines Insider, the same medium that gave the news on that list, provides new documentation relating to the future autonomous car of Apple.
Apparently Apple would have developed a training program for employees on how to handle these vehicles that would be used under your software for autonomous driving.

the document “Development Platform Specific Training” of the company refers to a “system automated from Apple” and a “development platform”.

 document of the autonomous driving of Apple software

the evidence that Apple plans to perform them using three Lexus RX450h SUV, which will be conducted by six pilots with experience in this field.

according to the documents, drivers are required to pass seven tests as part of their training before being allowed to work with Apple software platform. Each driver must complete two tests of practice and three trials to pass tests covering how to take control of the vehicle in tight turns, sudden acceleration and sudden braking, and more.

 user's manual of the autonomous driving of Apple software

as you can see, Apple could have abandoned the thought of creating your own car but if supply software to companies that want to get into this world. A project that would be led by Bob Mansfield, and that would be an extension of Apple CarPlay and as we said a couple of lines, Apple would want to offer to different manufacturers.

do not have dates of when this software would be ready but it will certainly be something long-lasting and that you will be counting as we know more.

source: Busines Insider

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