Apple is blackmailed: hackers want to delete several hundred million iPhones

a group of hackers called Turkish crime family tried to blackmail apparently Apple, threatening to roll back several hundred million iPhone accounts from a distance on the factory data and delete all data. She claims to have access to a rapidly growing number of Apple-E-mail accounts including those that use the domains @icloud and @me.

 Smartphone hackers (image: Shutterstock/drical)

first the blackmailer claimed 200 million compromised iCloud accounts whose resetting will be on April 7. Later they reported captured access data for accounts that were grown by 519 to 627 million. “We are convinced that a further increase in 7 April 2017,” she bragged with a tweet.

the required sum appears even relatively modest in comparison. A payment is required by $75,000 in Bitcoin or Ethereum, a different and increasingly popular Kryptowährung. Optionally, also iTunes credits in the amount of $100,000 are welcome.

motherboard according to to the criminal hackers have provided various US media with information to build public pressure on the iPhone maker. The publication received from them screenshots of emails that you want to document a previous communication with Apple. As evidence for their allegations they referred also to a video uploaded on YouTube. This is to show the access to a compromised iCloud account that has photo backups and allows the remote deletion of the associated iPhone.

the submit screenshots according to a member of Apple’s security team asked to remove this video since it draw unwanted attention. “Secondly, and finally we want to like do you know that we are criminals not rewarding that they break the law”, it goes. However, an official opinion on the report wanted to not leave Apple.

the information of the hacker themselves allow so far not independently check and are not necessarily convincing. However, Apple users currently again are target of a phishing attack with the attackers on your Apple ID want to come. An email addressed to them prompts them to set up a new password for your Apple account, which was closed after a suspicious access from a new browser. The specified link but not Apple, but a deceptively real looking scam page that is encrypted with HTTPS. DISPLAY

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