Apple: iOS 10.3 activated accidentally switched iCloud services

Apple has an error in iOS 10.3 pointed out. The update enables iCloud services that were shut down under a previous iOS version may be in the background. A are very few users report by MacRumors according to affected, the Apple is currently informed by E-Mail.

 iCloud (image: Apple) concerned, to review your iCloud settings. Services that should not be used, must be disabled manually. Turn on what services the update may, did not share with Apple.

business information should but neither the iCloud photo library, iCloud keychain and my iPhone looking will be affected. In addition, iOS 10.3.1 contains a fix for the problem. It should work but only in a direct update of iOS 10.2.x and earlier on the version 10.3.1. By iOS 10.3 changes the update not reverts.

it is not known how many users are actually affected. Apple said only that not every user will determine after upgrading to iOS 10.3 that his iCloud settings have been changed.

running iOS 10.3 revised Apple also the settings app. The cloud service iCloud is now configured via a new menu item summarizes all user-related settings for Apple ID, password and security as well as iTunes and app store. In iCloud also the list of apps that access the Apple cloud, as well as the possibility of the Cloudverbindung can be found under the item on / off switch.

iOS 10.3 distributed Apple since March 27. Most important new feature is the file system Apple file system, which provides numerous optimizations to Flash-based storage. Users will benefit but also new functions of the digital assistant Siri and CarPlay. Other changes relate to find my iPhone map application and the function that can find now also wireless headphones of AirPods.

since the beginning of the week 10.3.1 is iOS also available, which crams a critical vulnerability, thereby preventing the execution of malicious code on the iPhone and iPad Wi-Fi chips. Also, it should be now possible to iPhone 5 and 5 C via over the air (OTA) update. Previously the multimedia software settled iOS 10.3 on these devices just about install iTunes.

the next iOS update – version 10.3.2 – tests Apple already in its beta program. The pre-release versions are available only for iOS devices with 64-bit processors, but not for iPhone 5 and 5C, in which 32-bit processors still work. Industry insiders expect that Apple now latest with iOS 11 provides a support for 32-bit CPUs. A first test version of iOS 11 is expected to the worldwide Developer Conference, which will take place from 5 to 9 June in San Jose, California.


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