Apple invests 200 million dollars in Corning to evolve the Gorilla Glass technology

Apple announced today that award Corning Gorilla Glass technology known manufacturer as one of the best suppliers . Using a “manufacturing Fund” created for this purpose that it has $ 1 billion for this.

Corning, protecting screens since the first iPhone Corning

is a company US New York City-based . Produces a lot of inputs used in industry and technology, such as ceramics, fiber optic, control of emissions, products for life sciences and the known technology a glass dubbed “Gorilla Glass” .

founded in 1851 is the company responsible for providing protection of display crystals using most smartphones in the world, protects the screens from the first iPhone (back in 2007) to the present day.

employee of Corning working in plant investment fund

to manufacturers, an incentive to continue growing

Apple has created a f investment ondo, intending to reward those manufacturers who have demonstrated responsibility and innovation in its products.
The Fund has 1000 million dollars which will be distributed among the suppliers that demonstrate innovation and responsibility.
The aim is to reward U.S. companies with the aim of to encourage its growth, achieving with this create more local jobs .

an award well deserved, according to Apple in its press release.  Jeff Williams Chief Operating Officer of Apple said:

Corning is a great example of a provider that has continued to innovate, and is one of the suppliers of long standing of Apple.
This Association began 10 years ago with the first iPhone, and today every customer who buys an iPhone or iPad in any place in the world touches a crystal that was developed in the United States. We are very proud of our collaboration during these years and we are investing even more with Corning, which has a rich legacy of manufacturing practices innovative.

in this way, Apple has awarded to Corning with $ 200 million, money that surely will allow company to develop new technologies.

Wendell P. Weeks Chairman of Corning, was very happy with this incentive, stating the following:

the relationship of years between Corning and Apple has not only resulted in innovations of glass significant that have allowed new capabilities for consumers, but it has also helped create nearly 1,000 jobs in the United States and has allowed us to continue to grow and expand. This investment will ensure that our plant in Harrodsburg continues to be a global centre of excellence for glass technology.

 raw material used by Corning raw material used by Corning in the production of Crystal Gorilla Glass

Apple bet by the manufacturers of United States Apple

used an infinite number of inputs from various suppliers for its wide range of products.
Most of these providers is outside us, although according to the own Tim Cook lands, bet heavily on local production .

known was the crossing of words between the current President of the United States, Donald Trump and Tim Cook . Where Trump asked, somewhat violently, causing Apple your iPhone in United States:

are going to force Apple to build their damned computers in this country instead of in other countries.

Tim Cook ceased to pass up the opportunity to demonstrate in favor of the local workforce, declaring that Apple had to spend 50 billion dollars on the purchase of local supplies for your different products.
Although clearly it would be unfeasible to stop assembling much of their products (including the iPhone) out of the country, without that the cost increase is not reflected in the final price of the product.

for now Apple seems very focused on to foster American industry . And have to see that local company will be the next beneficiary of this “manufacturing Fund” .

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