Apple invested $200 million in Gorilla glass maker Corning

Apple supports Corning, manufacturer of Gorilla employed to protect Smartphone display glass, with $200 million. The money should flow into research and development, as well as the development of new production techniques, as communicated by the company from Cupertino. Most of the money should be invested in the 65-year-old Corning plant in Harrodsburg Kentucky, United States.

 Gorilla glass 5 (image: Corning) the money comes from a Fund, with the Apple advanced production processes in the USA wants to promote. Fund equips the company claims the so-called advanced manufacturing with at least a billion dollars. Aim is also to create highly skilled jobs and to create the “basis for a new era of technology-heavy production in the United States”.

“Corning is a great example of a supplier that constantly introduces innovations, and is one of Apple’s oldest suppliers”, Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer of Apple, is quoted in a press release . “This partnership began 10 years ago with the first iPhone and every customer, today no matter where in the world iPad an iPhone or a buy, contact lens, developed in America.” We are very proud of our cooperation over the years and continue to invest with Corning, which has such a rich heritage of innovative manufacturing techniques.”

Wendell P. Week, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of Corning, said the long-standing business relationship to Apple led not only to major glass innovations, but created more than 1,000 jobs in the United States. “This investment ensures that our site in Harrodsburg remains a global Center for glass technologies.”

Apple does not specify

in contrast to the other smartphone manufacturers in the technical specifications of its products, from which vendors it refers to certain components. Nevertheless, it has always been an open secret that the displays also are protected by iPhones and iPads by Gorilla glass. It’s just unclear what generation Gorilla glass Apple currently uses.

fifth Gorilla glass generation already provides

Corning. She should get through 80 percent of falls from a height of 1.50 metres on a hard surface according to the manufacturer and thus to factor 1.8 be more robust than its predecessor Gorilla glass 4. In addition, Gorilla glass 5 should be similarly resistant to scratches like its predecessors.

these properties are apparently also dependent on the display form. Comes as at the Galaxy S8, whose glass lid consists of Gorilla glass 5 curved glass used, seems the material more susceptible to damage by falls. This is at least the result of a case tests of the Stiftung Warentest and of US service providers like square trade .


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