Apple-extortion: 10 54 account data work

which has London-based Turkish crime family provided ZDNet US 54 of the allegedly more than 600 million customer data with which the Apple of hackers blackmail . An initial analysis showed that all 54 E-Mail addresses Apple accounts are valid . In ten cases the actual account holder could be about to determine, which also confirmed the authenticity of the associated passwords. These ten accounts, the hacker had been so capable of threatening to reset the iPhones connected to the factory settings and erase all stored data.

 Smartphone hackers (image: Shutterstock/drical) the data provided contain only E-Mail addresses and passwords, separated by commas. Troy Hunt, operators of the service have I been pwned believed therefore that the data from various sources have been collected.

the 54 data contained in addition to current accounts older and accounts. Since most accounts not in iMessage were registered, ZDNet US could reach all affected immediately. The ten people who confirmed the authenticity of the passwords provided by the hackers, have now changed their passwords.

is also striking, that the ten people all from the UK come and UK mobile numbers have – but by different mobile operators. A former member of the hacker group explained that the data gathered by the Turkish crime family had been divided “in group”, without going into the reasons for this. Data from U.S. users wanted to not make the hackers.

the majority of the contacted persons also confirmed that they had not changed the password since opening your iCloud account. However, a person gave called password is no longer valid for about two years. That narrow the time period for the actual data theft on the years 2011-2015.

also conceded the most users, they had the combination used in iCloud-E-mail address and password for other services such as Facebook and Twitter . Three people but insisted that her E-Mail address and password–used only for iCloud what the theory, the data came from previous slumps at other vendors, is contrary to. In addition, two people said day before someone tried to reset your iCloud account. This could be an indication that the hacker test, whether and how they can make good on their threat.

of if still, origin and scope of the data are unknown, seem to also a real threat to represent them, since there seems to be at least some users for their login information is still up-to-date. Current logon information is the precondition that the hacker can delete actual iPhones from afar.

ZDNet US describes the hacker also as inexperienced and naive. You searched for contact with the media specifically, to present themselves to the public.

 on the Apple Web site owners of an Apple ID can change not only your password, but enable two factor authentication, which in addition prevents account theft (screenshot: on the Apple Web site owners of an Apple ID can change not only your password, but enable two factor authentication, which in addition prevents account theft (screenshot : Apple customers should the threat of hackers on the occasion take to change your Apple ID password, if they have not recently done so. Also the activation of two-factor authentication protects against a misuse of the account. Both is possible via the Apple ID website .


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